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2019 Moonglow Pinot Noir

Our 2019 Moonglow Pinot Noir brings a refinement, focus, and beauty to the Moonglow lineup that shows off the maturity of Lichen's estate vineyard. Even in its youth, pitch perfect cherry notes let you know we grow it at the heart of Anderson Valley. 

Price 39.00

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2019 Pinot Gris

Our 2019 Pinot Gris continues Lichen’s rich and racy take yet on this dazzlingly aromatic varietal. Grippy lemon and grapefruit dance out of the glass and leave your mouth awash in citrus joy. 

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2016 Brut Rosé

Lichen Estate's 2016 Brut Rosé, made of 100% estate Pinot Noir, represents one of our richest, roundest sparkling wine to date. Benefiting from 32 months en tirage, a delicious mousse lifts the fresh fruit aromatics along with classic methode champenoise toasty notes. Bright fruit flavors give way to a creamy texture and long finish. Certainly cellar worthy for years to come, but fresh and drinkable now.

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2018 Estate Pinot Noir

This tantalizing expression of Lichen Estate's vineyard displays all the complexity and nuance one has come to expect from our barrel select Estate Pinot Noir. The 2018 vintage offers rich, round fruit, with Anderson Valley's signature cherry notes, silky tannins, and a forever finish. Built to cellar, this wine will develop and improve for a decade.

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2018 Les Pinots Noir & Gris

The 2018 Les Pinots Noir & Gris follows the racy, focussed tradition of this bottling since its inception in 2012. WIth 70% of the fruit coming from sparkling wine press cuts this is an acid lover's dream. Add in the lemony citrus notes and a savory finish of crushed granite and you will see why our white wines are unique, none more than this gem.

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2018 White Pinot Noir

This innovative White Pinot Noir tastes like no other. Jazzy white peach and nectarine stone fruit balanced by racy acidity dance across the palate. Fermented mostly in stainless, it went on to age for a year in Hungarian and French oak puncheons, bringing a weight and texture all its own. Off dry on the entry, it finishes mouthwatering and savory. 

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2013 Blanc de Gris 1.5L Magnum

Lichen Estate's Blanc de Gris 2013 Magnum represents the best of our pure Pinot Gris sparklers to date. Treated like our Grand Cuvée, it received four and a half years en tirage, on the yeast, and another two under cork prior to release, giving it a toasty and smoky character all its own. An all-stainless elevage for the base wine delivers Lichen's Blanc de Gris' laser focus and pure fruit expression. The magnum version will age beautifully and improve for years to come.

Price 150.00

Club Price 120.00

2013 Blanc de Noir 1.5L Magnum

Lichen Estate's 2013 Blanc de Noir & Blanc de Gris Magnums marks our first magnum release of sparkling wines. These spent a liesurely 54 months en tirage and another two years on cork prior to release, in line with our Grand Cuvée. A fine mousse emerges from the glass, lifting the aromatics. The Blanc de Noir offers a rich, heady nose with freshly baked brioche. 

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2017 White Pinot Noir Magnum 1.5L

Lichen's 2017 White Pinot Noir delivers a gorgeous floral nose followed by a mouthfull of gravelly minerality and stone fruit. This unique wine, fermented mostly in stainless went on to age for a year in Hungarian oak puncheons, bringing a weight and texture all its own. Off dry on the entry, it finishes mouthwatering and savory.  

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2012 Grand Cuvee

Six years in the making, our 2012 Grand Cuvée spent 52 months en tirage and more than a year under cork after disgorging, this wine deserves the moniker "tête de cuvée" or the best of our best. Fine bubbles in the glass give way to a complex nose of fresh baked bread and toasted chestnuts in the nose. Racy on entry, broad in the mid-palate and mouth watering on the finish, the Grand Cuvée continuously delights. 

Price 85.00

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2016 Blanc de Gris, 2019 Pinot Gris, 2019 Moonglow

WineSkipping Three Pack Sampler: 2016 Blanc de Gris, 2019 Pinot Gris, 2019 Moonglow Pinot Noir

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