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NV Solera v3 Pinot Noir

Harvest Dates

September 29, 2011; September 18, 21, & 30, 2012; September 3 & 6, 2013; September 1 & 4, 2014


Brix at Harvest: 22.4° to 24.6°

Alcohol: 13.7%

pH: 3.51

Total Acidity: 5.6 g/L

Residual Sugar: 0%

Bottles Crafted

1764 x 750 ml bottles (147 cases)


October 1, 2015


Estate Vineyard

Seven acres of estate vines overlook Highway 128 from the 203-acre Lichen Estate in Anderson Valley. Prepared in 2007 and planted in 2008 on meter-by-meter spacing, the vineyard comprises 75% Pinot Noir and 25% Pinot Gris vines on 15% to 35% southeast-facing slopes. Farmed 100% organically. Approximately 30,000 vines comprised of six blocks and four clones of Pinot Noir (Martini, Wadenswil, Pommard, & 667) on three rootstocks (101-14, 420A, and 161-49); and two blocks of Pinot Gris (148 & 152) on two rootstocks (161-49 and SO4). 


Lichen Estate takes the “solera” approach common in Sherry to this multi-vintage blend. Lichen’s first Solera Pinot Noir combined the estate vineyard’s entire first harvest of 2011 — two barrels — with six barrels of the 2012 Estate Pinot Noir. Bottled six barrels in 2013, and kept two barrels to combine with 2013 harvest and beyond. In August 2014, added six barrels of 2013 to two barrels held over and bottled six barrels of the blend.. Added six barrels of 2014 to the Solera barrels and again bottle 6 barrels worth for Solera Volume 3.

Tasting Notes

This multi-vintage blend from 2011, 2012, 2013, and 2014 is named for the time-honored aging and blending process used to create the world’s great Sherries and Madeiras. Ripe red fruit aromas mingle with toasted oak, bourbon, and tobacco. Coconut, rhubarb, and strawberry join in its complex bouquet of flavors, all textured like raw silk. As you enjoy this “Solera” from Lichen, reflect that two barrels were kept to blend into future Soleras.