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Holiday Gift Pack


Alcohol: Blanc de Noir and Blanc de Gris 12.5%

Bottles Crafted

1 each 2012 Blanc de Noir and 2012 Blanc de Gris, 2 Logo Flute Glasses


Our inaugural vintage of Methode Champenoise, Estate Grown Sparkling Wines!


Tasting Notes

While we have produced a sparkling Blanc de Noir every vintage since 2012, only this past month did we disgorge our very first vintage after more than two years aging en tirage, the 2012 Lichen Estate Blanc de Noir  The base wine for Blanc de Noir aged in large oak puncheons in the cellar, then spent more time en tirage than our Blanc de Gris. Whereas the Gris offers a laser-like focus and purity, the Blanc de Noir delivers crispness matched by opulent fruit, light toast, and a broad, full-bodied finish. $55/bottle*


Taking inspiration from classic French champagnes, the 2012 Lichen Estate Blanc de Gris is for serious fans of good bubbly. Because it's made from Pinot Gris, the wine is Alsace-scented, with incisive green apple accenting the aromas of diesel and lees. Once you sip, it's all mouth-watering as vibrant acidity sparkles your taster into action and  cleanses it again. A complete wine with a surprising character.