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Solera V5

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March 2018

Tasting Notes

Solera Pinot Noir Volume 5 offers Lichen’s version of Marvel movies. Like Marvel movies, Solera Volume 5 re-tells the story of our vineyard from its very origins. Sure, it’s a sequel, we get that, but isn’t every “normal” vintage Pinot Noir a sequel to the last many vintages? Three quarters of Solera Pinot Noir Volume 5 hails from the 2016 vintage, while one quarter comes from blending the previous five vintages, similarly built by blending and holding three quarters of new vintage and a quarter of the old blend year after year, from 2011 through 2016. A classic pyramid scheme. Evolution, shards of tragedy and triumph, heroism, and a hint of hubris grace every glass. That hubris stems from thinking we could make a wine containing six vintages of Pinot Noir, with the wine delivering a spectacular ending, which of course it does. Spoiler alert! The Volume 5 displays classic Spiderman Red, nay, Superman Red cherry aromas, characteristic of our Anderson Valley terroir, a tinge of Deadpool Black cherry humor and surprise from the aged wines of previous vintages, whilst this Wonder Woman of a wine strikes that delicate balance between the modern Gal Gadot and classic Lynda Carter. Strong, of course. Epic, really. Sexy, yes, but never too revealing. Always in balance. Her history ever present. A Marvel indeed.