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Solera V7


Price 50.00

Club Price 40.00

Estate Vineyard

Lichen Estate: Seven acres of estate vines overlook Highway 128 from the 203-acre Lichen Estate in Anderson Valley. Prepared in 2007 and planted in 2008 on meter-by-meter spacing, the vineyard comprises 75% Pinot Noir and 25% Pinot Gris vines on 15% to 35% southeast-facing slopes. Farmed 100% organically. Four clones of Pinot Noir (Martini, Wadenswil, Pommard, & 667) on three rootstocks (420A, 101-14, and 161-49) went into the Moonglow blend. Lichen Estate fruit is 100% of the total blend in 2016.

Tasting Notes

Solera Pinot Noir Volume 7, our multi-vintage blend of Pinot Noir, includes eight vintages of Pinot Noir from 2011 through 2018. This complex and delicious wine offers a retrospective on the Lichen Estate vineyard.